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Well connected

​Entrepreneur with close ties to Cambodia’s ruling party is eager for his country to embrace new technology.

17 July, 2017

Making an impact

Former banker helps India’s underserved with the added satisfaction of sound financial returns.

10 July, 2017

Bright thinking

Former Australian foreign minister embraces current role ‘illuminating’ the positives in ties with China.

03 July, 2017

‘Waking up’ to the big tech march

Cyberport chief Lee George Lam tells Luo Weiteng HK’s young entrepreneurs mustn’t miss the boat as the city forges ahead to be Asia’s tech capital.

21 July, 2017

Dealmaker ‘queen’ makes her mark

Securities house boss Pollyanna Chu says being HK’s richest woman isn’t everything to her. She tells Duan Ting she’ll work even harder to repay society.

14 July, 2017

Middle class, infrastructure fueling growth

Investment openings in East Asia galore as demand for building projects, housing soars: Experts.

12 July, 2017
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