China Daily

Voice of reason

Head of Malaysia-based regional think tank is helping to shape trade, connectivity and security in Asia.

22 May, 2017

Pursuit of happiness

Founder of Cambodia's No 1 local website wants to bring joy to his country’s young people through innovative entertainment platforms.

12 May, 2017

In good taste

A challenging start brought out the best in Hong Kong hotelier and restaurateur with a knack for identifying winning trends.

08 May, 2017

Lending a hand to ‘smart’ crusade

In line with Singapore’s vision to turn itself into a digital nation, old-timer banker Sebastian Paredes is playing a critical role in DBS Bank’s transformation in HK.

19 May, 2017

A broker’s world through his crystal ball

Securities house executive Yim Fung’s undeterred confidence in the industry pays off with mainland brokerages in HK now finding themselves on a firm track.

12 May, 2017

Comeliness is the'gateway to luxury'

Making people look charming and alluring is a resilient trade despite global economic woes.

09 May, 2017
  • Code Red

    With the release of Pantone’s latest colour guide, you’d better get ready for a blazing-hot autumn

  • Falsies but Goodies

    Make your long-lash dreams come true with these fluttering falsies


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