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Steady in a crisis

Creative thinking and problem-solving skills help former Indonesian engineer excel in world of investment banking.

11 December, 2017

Ware and when

Philippine expert is passionate about Chinese porcelain and its historical significance to Silk Road trade.

04 December, 2017

The city planner

Exposure to poverty at a young age in India sees urban specialist devote his life to sustainable development.

27 November, 2017

Wining on a bicentennial heritage

HK has lived up to its name as a wine lovers’ haven. Auction house chief John Kapon tells Sophie He the Chinese passion for the alcoholic beverage has helped lift the city’s status as a key global wine auction market.

08 December, 2017

Last laugh for a true women’s ‘warrior’

Susan Stautberg is celebrating a triumphant 16 years fighting to lift the rights of women in boardrooms around the world. She tells Duan Ting her job will not stop there as she passes the baton to her successor.

24 November, 2017

Linking up the world and here’s HK

The country’s economic miracle has been a godsend to HK, says JPMorgan Chase executive Jing Ulrich. She tells Duan Ting the SAR’s role in two of the nation’s most ambitious projects is a blessing that’s hard to ignore.

10 November, 2017
  • Live the Dream

    Skiing and horseriding combine in spectacular fashion at St Moritz

  • Dapper Days

    Eccentric accessories for the well-travelled gentleman


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