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Monday, June 19, 2017, 23:39
Choirs celebrate nation's beauty on eve of anniversary
By Nora Zheng
Monday, June 19, 2017, 23:39 By Nora Zheng

HONG KONG - Concert-goers will be treated to songs celebrating the scenic beauty of China and integration between Hong Kong and the mainland at the Hong Kong Coliseum at 8 pm on June 29 as 12 organizations, including more than 1,200 residents, present productions by 24 choirs.

“The rehearsing process for the final performance is considered very important,” said Vincent Lo Wan-sing, president of the Fukienese Association, one of the initiators of the event. “We hope that people who watch our performance will be inspired by the songs, and learn more about their motherland.”

The participants, who are all volunteers and non-professional singers, have been using their spare time to rehearseover the past two months.

“I was very touched by the young people in our team,” said Mung Mei-ling, executive vice-president of Federation of Hong Kong Guangxi Community Organizations. Eighty representatives of the association, most of them born after 1980, will stage two songs. “Lots of them are students. Some had to take their final exams and caught up with the rest of us to rehearse right after their exams.”

The performance can be viewed live on websites and social networks.

The organizers and the Leisure and Cultural ServicesDepartment will distribute free tickets to the public at four places starting from June 20, on a first come, first served basis.

The concert will be streamed on China Mobile UTV, websites of Ta Kung Pao and Hong Kong Celebrations Association, and WeChat official account of Popcast.TV.

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