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Tuesday, March 13, 2018, 19:26
Judicial review sought against localist legislator-elect
By Aska Cheong
Tuesday, March 13, 2018, 19:26 By Aska Cheong

HONG KONG - Judicial review was filed on Tuesday against the eligibility of localist legislator-elect Au Nok-hin for allegedly burning the Basic Law and advocating Hong Kong independence.

The writ, sought by a voter of Hong Kong island district, said that Au had burned the Basic Law outside the Central Government’s Liaison Office of Hong Kong SAR in a protest in November 2016. He also admitted the alleged behavior in an election forum held by local radio, adding that he might burn it again in the future, the writ continued.

Au Nok-hin burned the Basic Law outside the Central Government’s Liaison Office in a protest in November 2016, the writ read

Au won the Legislative seat at Hong Kong Island geographic constituency on Sunday’s by-election, which was prompted by the disqualification of six lawmakers who failed to swear in lawfully in October, 2016. Four out of the six vacated seats were filled on Sunday’s by-election.

Earlier, the government spokesperson responded to the issue, saying that it will not comment on the issue as it enters the judicial process. It, however, stressed that safeguarding the Basic Law is the fundamental legal duty for legislators. Thus, those who advocate Hong Kong independence is against the Basic Law, consequently, unable to fulfill their fundamental duty as legislators, the spokesperson added. 

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