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Tuesday, October 10, 2017, 11:12
The best is yet to come
By China Daily
Tuesday, October 10, 2017, 11:12 By China Daily

Hong Kong has come a long way since the inception of China Daily Hong Kong Edition in October 1997, just after the city’s historic return to the motherland. It has been a momentous two decades that have seen us emerge as part and parcel of the local community, fulfilling its mission not only to be China’s window to the outside world but, more importantly, to explain to Hong Kong society and the world how “one country, two systems” has benefited the special administrative region in the process. As we commemorate our 20th anniversary, the transition of China Daily Hong Kong Edition and its accomplishments speak for themselves. We are proud of the progress we’ve made so far, having won high commendation for our objective and truthful reports and analyses of key political and economic issues facing China and the region, as evidenced by the numerous distinguished awards we have won for the excellent contents and high standards set by our news team. We have also made immense strides in both online and data journalism as one of the very few local and regional media organizations that have ventured into that sector. We are confident these efforts will not be the last as we continue to scale new heights and face the challenges ahead. We promise our readers the best yet amid a host of unprecedented and exciting projects that China is undertaking at the moment with a view to bolstering the economies and prosperity of Hong Kong, the country and the world at large.


First edition

Congratulation inscription by then president Jiang Zemin for the launch of China Daily Hong Kong Edition.

The first issue of China Daily Hong Kong Edition on Oct 6, 1997.

Editors prepare the first issue of China Daily Hong Kong Edition on the night of Oct 5, 1997.

Revamp of newspaper

Since 1997, China Daily Hong Kong Edition has gone through several revamps in design together with the China Daily Mainland Edition. The latest major revamp was in March 2010, when the newspaper began to use a new logo and brand new layout style.

Special editions for the 20th anniversary of HKSAR

To record the historic moment of the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to the motherland, China Daily Hong Kong published a total of 130 special pages about the anniversary. The special pages covered President Xi Jinping’s inspection visit to the special administrative region, celebration events for the anniversary as well as the progress Hong Kong has made in the past 20 years. Viewership on various online platforms of China Daily Hong Kong reached 30 million. 

High-end interviews

China Daily Hong Kong has conducted exclusive interviews with top leaders of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The newspaper talked with then chief executive Leung Chun-ying in September 2016, and interviewed then CE election candidate Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor in March this year, when she was running the campaign for the city’s top job.

The newspaper talked with then chief executive Leung Chun-ying in September 2016.

Interviewed then CE election candidate Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor in March this year.

Circulation and branding

China Daily Hong Kong Edition offers a unique local perspective that has become essential reading for decision-makers, including HKSAR Government officials, CEOs and senior executives, scholars and academics in Hong Kong and Macao.

Hong Kong News Awards

Since 2003 China Daily has earned 58 prizes in the Hong Kong News Awards, which is presented by the Hong Kong Newspaper Society. These awards won in consecutive years since 2007 include reporting, photography and page design. Last year China Daily won 11 awards, including four top prizes in Best Arts and Culture News Reporting, Best Business News Writing (English), Best News Page Design (Single Page) and Best Photograph (Sports). 

China Daily Asia Leadership Roundtable

The China Daily Asia Leadership Roundtable ( is a by-invitation network of movers and shakers in Asia providing platforms for focused dialogue, issue investigation, and possible collective action on strategic issues relating to economic, business and social development in Asia. Our aim is to enhance communication and increase mutual understanding between China, Asian and Western countries. More than 50 forums have been staged in Hong Kong and the major cities across Asia with over 20,000 participants.

Data journalism

China Daily Hong Kong has initiated Data Journalism project to map options for policymakers since the end of 2015, and published over 20 products by September 2017. We analyze data from government, industry, corporations, academics, think tanks and NGOs, integrate insights from domain experts, and visualize data to clarify complex issues.

Video projects

The video department of China Daily HK is a burgeoning department of China Daily’s editorial team. With a viewership reaching 37 million a month, it has emerged as a key component of the Hong Kong Edition, as well as the group. In the past few years, the team has launched a slew of multimedia projects, also known as the Red Letter projects. They are available for viewing at the following link:

Shipping’s Dirty Secrets — Investigative multimedia project by the team that won Asia’s Environmental Journalism top award in 2016.

Minimum Wage — Investigative Multimedia project led by China Daily Asia involving six ANN members to report across Asia.

Asia’s Ailing Heritage — First ever journalism project globally to use interactive 360 video on the open web.

Asia Weekly and ASEAN Weekly

China Daily Asia Weekly was launched in December 2010. Since then it has expanded from 24 pages to 32 pages and an ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) edition was launched in 2013 to cater specially to readers in those countries.

Lifestyle Premium

China Daily Lifestyle Premium is a sophisticated monthly publication that combines glossy magazine flair with traditional newspaper formatting — a perfect balance of classic and contemporary. The editorial portfolio includes themed pages Business Insider, Travel, Design, Fashion, Art, Food, Wine, as well as feature stories. CDLP is China Daily’s style barometer for local and international audiences.

Campus Newspaper Awards

The Campus Newspaper Awards, launched by China Daily Hong Kong Edition in 2012 as an annual event, aims to celebrate and promote great journalism by student-run campus newspapers and media outlets. The awards are open to all journalism students of universities from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and the Chinese mainland.

Website and mobile apps

The China Daily Hong Kong app — available on both iOS and Android — brings the best of China Daily to readers.The newly redesigned draws more than 60 percent of its readers from Hong Kong and offers both live and in-depth coverage of local, regional and global news. Video, photos and graphics enhance the portal’s multimedia approach to dissemination of news and perspective. Its user-friendly design makes navigation across all PC and mobile platforms, including iPad and smartphone, smooth and easy.

Social networks

China Daily Asia’s Twitter account opened in April 2011. Its tweets include breaking news, real-time coverage, photos and videos.

Rebranded in 2016, CDHK Facebook page is a new media outlet reaching out to global audiences with information about Hong Kong and beyond in a trendy, user-friendly format. CDHK has a dozen of Facebook accounts with the latest updates on news, entertainment, arts, analysis and opinion pieces.

VDO English

VDO English, an English education platform, has launched a brand new mobile app in 2016 which focuses on English education for students and English language learners by using interesting and “real” videos as opposed to educational videos.

AI interview

“Bhumika can speak for herself”, developed by the multimedia team of China Daily Asia is the first ever project globally to use Artificial Intelligence in front end journalism. It was the winner of News Award and SOPA award 2017.

Chinese Art pages

China Daily Hong Kong, in cooperation with Chinese Association of Culture and Arts, publishes Chinese Art pages from time to time to introduce arts by contemporary Chinese artists, especially ink wash paintings, to international readers. In 2015, China Daily also organized a group of leading Chinese artists to visit Thailand and draw paintings to celebrate the 40th anniversary of China-Thailand relations.

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