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Thursday, October 12, 2017, 19:36
Strong drone sales lead HK high-tech exports higher
By Lin Wenjie
Thursday, October 12, 2017, 19:36 By Lin Wenjie

In this Sept 24, 2016 photo, customers inspect an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV or drone) during the opening of the DJI flagship store in the Causeway Bay district of Hong Kong. (ISAAC LAWRENCE / AFP)

HONG KONG - Strong demand worldwide for emerging-technology products has boosted the outbound sales value of high-technology electronic products to new highs in e-commerce markets, further consolidating Hong Kong’s status as a major high-tech product exporter, according to a report from global e-commerce platform eBay.

As the younger generation is keen on shopping online, there will definitely be more Hong Kong sellers entering in the market, and the market will keep its growth momentum. 

Jenny Hui, Hong Kong and Taiwan Cross Border Trade at eBay

Online sales revenue of drones, virtual reality equipment, 3D printing equipment, Smart Home devices and Smart Wearable devices grew explosively in Hong Kong in the first half of this year. 

The value of drones sold by Hong Kong sellers to United States buyers on eBay surged 13 times compared with the first half last year while sales of wearable devices to the German market increased more than eight times. 

Sales of 3D printing equipment to Europe grew more than five times.

“Hong Kong enjoys a geographical advantage in terms of exporting high-tech products. The city is located near manufacturing sites such as Shenzhen, Thailand and Vietnam. And compared to the sellers from those manufacturing places, Hong Kong sellers speak better English, which makes it easier for them to do business with overseas' buyers,” said Jenny Hui, general manager of Hong Kong and Taiwan Cross Border Trade at eBay.

Demand for high-tech products from the US and some European countries has grown strongly as new products emerge and the product cycle shortens. 

“As the younger generation is keen on shopping online, there will definitely be more Hong Kong sellers entering in the market, and the market will keep its growth momentum,” Hui added. 

The Hong Kong Trade Development Council said Hong Kong’s electronics industry is the largest merchandise export earner in the territory, accounting for 65.5 percent of exports last year. 

A substantial portion of such exports, largely re-export business, are regarded as high-tech products, especially those related to telecommunications equipment, semiconductors and computer items.

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