China Daily

Witness to change

New Zealand’s longest serving foreign minister has ringside seat to China’s transformation and the countries’ strong bonds.

15 October, 2018

Green mission

Love of the ocean fuels Indonesian business leader’s passion for the environment, sustainable development.

08 October, 2018

ROK delegation visiting Pyongyang for summit anniversary

ROK unification minister said the visit would be an opportunity to boost "reconciliation, cooperation and peace" between the two Koreas.

04 October, 2018

Innovation, competition key to success

China Daily interviewed top executives of well-known multinational companies for their views on the country's socioeconomic development.

17 October, 2018

A historic mission below the lion rock

ICBC International has played a key role in cementing economic ties between the mainland and Hong Kong. Executive Cong Lin tells Sun Feier the group has gone through four major waves of change, mirroring the impact of the nation’s landmark reform and opening-up on the SAR.

12 October, 2018

Racing to be the ‘Google’ in fintech

​Shanghai startup Tigerobo sees artificial intelligence as the underlying technology of the future. CEO Alex Chen Ye tells Edith Lu he’s confident Hong Kong is the right platform to take the group forward in the financial technology world.

05 October, 2018
  • Selves Set Free

    Saudi film director Haifaa Al-Mansour’s The Wedding Singer’s Daughter delivers a game-changing message for Miu Miu’s Women’s Tales series

  • All Dressed Up

    Move over, cheongsam – the traditional hanfu is having its moment in China


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