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Paris cleans up after latest riot; pressure builds on Macron

Some 1,220 people were taken into custody around France, the Interior Ministry said — a roundup the scale of which the country hasn't seen in years.

December 09, 2018

Egypt lawyer files case to change president's 2-term limit

The court case was filed to force Egypt's parliament to debate amending a constitutional clause that bars President al-Sisi from running for a third term.

December 09, 2018

Protesters march as UN climate talks hit fossil fuel snag

Protesters, many of whom said climate change is already affecting their lives, demanding that their governments take tougher action to curb global warming.

December 09, 2018

Trump: Chief of staff John Kelly to leave at year's end

Donald Trump had often tossed around potential replacements, but said in July that he would keep John Kelly in the job through 2020.

December 09, 2018